Saturday, July 22, 2006

This Blogging Thing

It's like buying a red car - you never notice how many there are out there until you have one of your own...

So not only do I find myself composing blogs on all sorts of daily events (the favorite stall in the loo... utterly unrelated to this blog, but there you are), but blogs were the theme of the week somehow.

Three emails on blogs as marketing tools. Four emails sending me blogs related to a variety of things (environmental, political, religious and humorous).

And the BBC has a blog about people blogging about their blog.

I have an acquaintance who thinks its one of the lesser known signs of the apocalypse. It's not quite up there with famine, but probably slots neatly under 'plague.' People are, she feels, terrifyingly self-absorbed.

Granted I might be slightly biased, but I'm going to take it as a positive thing. In the middle of complete insanity, isn't it nice to know human beings are still vitally interested in eachother? It should be comforting to realize that we look for connections, for things we have in common.

Like that favorite stall.

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