Friday, July 14, 2006

AWOL Progeny

Okay, Child 1 is definitely alive. I can say that with nearly 100% certainty because I got an email from Child 1 and it sounded just like my kid - all filled with love and irony and stuff.

Child 2, Child 3? Apparently they're in a stupor of cousinness and happy-pool-itude because so far, not a thing.

Which means Child 1 is my favorite child, I LOOOOOOVE Child 1.

I'm introducing them that way from now on.

'This is my favorite child! And these are my other kids.'


Child ! said...


Anonymous said...

pthbbbb! by child 2

Anonymous said...

That's two definitely accounted for. Where is child 3?

For Kirk said...

Darn good question!

child 2 said...

he is somewhere in the world wending his way, thinking up new and innovatinve things, and forgetting entirely that you can comment on a blog.