Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Missing Man

Anyone interested in Kirk's story should check out Susie Dow's blog at The Missing Man. She has gathered up a huge amount of resource material - basically anything that has hit the press about the story is archived on her site. The link also appears over there --> in the sidebar so it's easy to find.

There's also the story of Ryan Manelick, another contractor with the company Kirk worked for. Ryan was killed two months after Kirk disappeared, just a day before he was due to leave Iraq.

Susie has been working tirelessly on this project. Her efforts mean an enormous amount to me - she did what was too painful for me to do at the time.

She's working on some articles of her own, and I'll link them as soon as they appear.

Thanks Susie - for everything.


Susie Dow said...

What a surprise! That's very nice of you and much appreciated.

Just in case, here is the link to the bibliography of all known articles/references published to date. Updated regularly as new articles appear.


For Kirk said...

I've meant to do it, and just didn't get it done! Should have been said long ago, definitely has been thought many times.