Friday, July 14, 2006

Never Blog About Work. See Dooce, 1 Each, Examples To Learn From

Okay... so let's not make this about work, but about a hypothetical...erm... corporation.

And let's say that this hypothetical corporation had a building (one of many) that had won an award for fantasticness in design.

And THEN let's say that this award winning design building leaked. Water. When it rained. Leaked into... erm... executive offices.

and THEN the division in charge of fixing leaks and cleaning stuff up informed you that because it was an award winning building you couldn't actually fix the parts that didn't, in a real world practical way, actually work and filled executive offices with smelly, mold inducing water.

Would you laugh?

Because me, well, I would.


Anonymous said...

Once saw mushrooms growing in an office building. Indoors, coming out of the carpet. I should have thougt to get some miniature gnomes to set next to them.

For Kirk said...

Oh wickedness. Oh, evil nature that will likely come back in some horrible Karma induced violent accident sort of way...

mushrooms you say? And you didn't...

No, I will not tempt fate. There's already too much at stake.

Anonymous said...

After a couple of us spotted the first one, we went looking for others. And yes, there were others. Several opportunities for mini lawn gnomes.

But then housekeeping went and sprayed bleach or something on the little 'shrooms and they shriveled away into nothingness.

Now I could tell the story about the church recreation room that had mold on its walls that changed position every day (we made marks), but I don't want to scare anyone.

For Kirk said...

That's what's so cool about the internet. Someone always has a more impressive story than you! Your mushrooms completely top my flooded executive office story.