Monday, July 03, 2006

Headline Headcase

I'm blaming it on my split 3-day weekend - working Monday, off Tuesday obviously plays havoc with my mental abilities. Checking the news this morning, I have had the following problems with current event headlines:

Crack Found in Shuttle Tank Foam - immediate thought is our astronauts are involved in some serious drug smuggling. Wonder what the market for cocaine is like in outer space.

Body To Provide 'Mixed Housing' - think at once that social action is going too far if we're trying to provide equal opportunity to scavengers.

Green Fears Grow as Britons Binge on Gadgets - Complicated one here, get a mental image of nicely trimmed green fears providing a picnic setting for Britons as they have a hearty meal of ipods and razor phones. Do you want catsup with that?

I have to admit, the news is more fun my way.


Anonymous said...

"Green Fears Grow as Britons Binge on Gadgets"

Cannabalism in the muppet world!! What will we tell the children?!

For Kirk said...

Well, once they introduced Tickle Me Elmo you knew corruption and degradation was inevitable.

Dee said...

Ok, I know that it's a few days late but hey! I was on vacation.

After reading this one I almost fell on the floor I was laughing so hard. I'm glad that David wasn't in his office. As it is Amy caught me laughing and I had to share.