Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ptthhhhbbbtp, My Family is Cooler Than Yours

I fully intended (except that I'm still trying to sort out how to write it) to put up the next chapter in The Story tonight. Instead, you get my Paean to My Sister (and by extension my entire fabulous family).

My sister, with knowledge aforethought and being of sound mind, not even under chemical influence or acting while caught in the throes of rapture of the depths (note to self, check off no. 193 of 'must accomplish by age 98' 'use phrase "in the throes of rapture of the depths" in public and with intent to wound')has, in case it isn't clear, voluntarily offered to host my entire brood of teenagers for nearly a month. Not only that, she paid for the privilege. Yes, for those who are still in shock, she paid for the plane tickets so that she can add to her own flock of 3, including bringing in the individual (name withheld) who feels that Axe is 'cool' and is a scent that will somehow by magic or through hypnotic effect or something, bring the 12-18 crowd of nubile young women flocking to his knees.

My readership of, and I don't want to brag here, maybe 3, possibly even 4 EVERY DAY DARN IT!! is weeping into its pillow tonight.

Yes folks, my family rocks. I am, and I'm totally serious here, not worthy.

Thanks mother of I, II, and III.

ETA: (OMG - it's ETA NIGHT!!) How odd am I that I honestly wonder if anyone is going to find this blog by googling 'ptthhhhbbbtp?' Be kind, I'm not a morning person and I was up really early. Just ask my kids about their really impressively expanded vocabulary based on this simple fact.

ETA (Please, no, stop with the ETA, it's not good man): I have to say that because my chidren ( 1, 2 and 3) are now in close geographic proximity to my Sister's children (I, II, and III) I will probably be channeling my nieces and nephew and it's totally not their fault. But if my sister wants to use it to blackmail her offspring? Oh man, I'm all over that.

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