Thursday, July 13, 2006

Shout Out - Or No, I Don't Miss My Kids

Hey guys, glad to hear you didn't take your Aunt's sissy suggestion that you wait on the swimming pool until it warmed up to above 68 degrees. Did you tell her about how you used to swim in our pool in California in your wet suits because we refused to heat it because it cost so darn much? Family stories are fun, aren't they?

It's hot again and I'm missing my whining companions. I feel a lot of pressure now to do whining for four and I'm not sure I'm up to it. Ha! I know you're laughing now! I'm whining and complaining AND sweating so I smell bad too probably. (not one of you should be saying 'and? this is new because...' at least not if you want me to pick you up from the airport.)

I'm going to be house sitting for a week which, because I'm lame and broke, I am viewing as a mini-vacation. I get to borrow two dogs and four cats and a swamp cooler. This is all good stuff. And yes, it is that cat, the one who once chewed her toes because of her distress over being put on a diet. The one who is the only cat allowed to roam wild and free in the backyard simply because she's too fat to jump higher than two feet. I forgot - there's a snake as well but I'm not supposed to do anything with him. You're jealous now, aren't you Child 1?

Hope you're having a wonderful time, and no I don't mind at all that NOT ONE OF YOU has sent me an email or anything. Remember, while your aunt shares DNA and therefore might not quite throttle you when you cross the I'm-gonna-kill-you-if-you-keep-drumming-on-every-surface line, your uncle does not and he's mean too. (That's why I like him) Also, pick up your socks darn it.

ETA (Remember internet-challenged, but WAY more educated and higher paid than me Aunt, that means Edited To Add): Prepare for Multiple Personality Blog, because while The Story must go on, so must my pitiful belief that I'm still connecting with my offspring.

ETA II: I've been blogging too long. I see word verification in deteriorating road-signs and license plates, and I'm disproportionately amused to have plotfid as today's verifyer. I don't know why.


Aunt said...

The kids are charming and entertaining -- and I'm not even kidding. Socks are not a problem (because, of course, no one is wearing any), but we have had a conversation or two about wet towels.

Now that I know what ETA means, what the heck does it mean to have plotfid as today's verifyer? Plotfid, as all pedants know, is the legal slang term for an editor -- because of their fiduciary obligation to vet novels for plot inconsistencies. The potential for class action liability is huge and growing -- particularly given the high treatment cost for anxiety caused by "reading events" such as suspecting that the hero currently swimming through the underground cave was wearing handcuffs and a single stilleto on the single foot on his single remaining leg when he fell into the sinkhole two chapters ago.

For Kirk said...

Oooooh... you know you impress me when you throw around terms like 'legal' and 'liability' and 'potential' and stuff!

See, before you can post a blog thing on blogger it gives you an eye test where you look at the squonky twisted set of letters in the little box and then you type what you think they are and you hit post.

Then it says you were WRONG WRONG WRONG and it gives you another, totally different set of letters, and you type THOSE in and hit enter instead of post and it says 'right, well done' and you realize that hitting enter saved the blog as a draft not a post so it's invisible, so you hit edit and then you click 'post' and it gives you ANOTHER set of letters...

And I might have made up the word verifyer.

Child 1 said...

It may have been 68 degrees but now its in the 80s with a record of 88 to my knowledge. As Uncle so poetically said, "It's like swimming in a pool of spit!"
Thats when I jumped out.