Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hi Guys! Don't Forget Me In KKK Land

Managed to launch the kids this morning, and only thought seven or eight times that I was loading all of my remaining immediate family into a flying death trap and what was I thinking?? They're going to have some serious bliss for nearly a month because Aunt and Uncle are not only way cooler than me, but they have a full complement of gender-matched cousins, two horses, assorted rabbits (still? I think?) several chickens, a set of lean, mean barn cats and a POOL.

And honestly, they deserve it. We're talking some amazingly fantastic kids here - the kind that neighbors comment on in positive terms, the sort that teachers shake their head over and thank you for the privilege of allowing them (oh so not worthy) to bask in the glory of your offspring. I mean, they put it more like 'very bright' 'joy to teach' and that sort of thing, but the meaning is clear. Sure they walk out of their socks several times a day and leave them lying on the floor in pathetic greying-white slightly damp smelly wodges. Sure they aren't entirely capable of seeing detritus if it's within six inches of a wall or piece of furniture ('but I DID clean my room!' 'whaddaya mean? The den IS clean'), and yes I have more than once stated that I should have had guppies instead (you can flush guppies you know. Not that I would, it's the power of knowing you could). But my kids, they're great.

Have fun guys. And if you want to keep Aunt & Uncle happy, you might want to pick up your socks now and then. I'm just saying.

ETA: Wow. Talk about pronoun abuse. You'd never think I am the daughter AND sister of English majors. Guess there's no trickle-down effect with grammar. Pity.

ETA Jr. (or Son Of ETA!): Children I, II, and III, should you read this while my kids are infringing on your space and hogging the game cube and that sort of thing, you can take paragraph two above as my permission to beat the snot out of my kids. Given that they're older, bigger, and probably meaner than you that is. But hey, go for it.

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