Saturday, October 28, 2006

I Swear

Friend: So, I was looking at that post you made…

Me: Yup?

Friend: And I have a question.

Me: Yes…?

Friend: What in the world is double dog swear with cherries on?

Me: Did I say that?

Friend: You did.

Me: Really? Where?

Friend: Here.

Me: Hang on… oh.

Friend: Yes?

Me: Doesn’t everyone say that?

Friend: No.

Friend: No one says that. No one. Except you. Where did you learn it?

Me: Um…. I have a feeling it was spontaneous creation.

Friend: Athena springing from the head of Zeus?

Me: Well, yes! Exactly like that! Very godlike and impressive.

Friend: Right. So this is going to solve world hunger?

Me: Probably. Once it takes off. It just needs proper marketing.

Friend: The Double Dog Dare Brand?

Me: Tagline – Dare to Swear! Because only really really cool and edgy people will use it.

Friend: You’re thinking about t-shirt designs aren’t you?

Me: High fashion version: Swear With Flair!

Friend: You can stop now

Me: Mare… hare… hair to swear for the hirsute… lair… share…. fair…

Friend: Stop, just stop

Me: Wait! Wait! Once it takes off, then the charity angle kicks in and…

Friend: O...M...G…

Me: “Care to Swear?”

Friend: *pounding head*

Me: Do you see how clever that is? Care?? Swear??

Friend: You’re going to blog this, aren’t you?

Me: Of course not!

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