Sunday, October 29, 2006

Personality Traits

Broke is when the underwire thingy in your bra decides to make an unwanted appearance outside of it's happy little (padded, protective) underwire home, and you think - once this fact has made itself apparent by all the highly personal poking that's going on - gee, I'll bet I can fix that once I get home and thus not have to buy a new bra.

Lazy is when you neglect to do so.

Forgetful is when you go through this series of events more than three times, hence finding yourself in your office trying to slide the darn wire thingy back into its little wire home and looking like you're really unsuccessfully groping yourself.

Fortunately my office has a window that gazes out on a blank wall, and a nice solid door that can be shut firmly. Because I am broke, lazy, and forgetful.

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