Monday, October 16, 2006

Dueling Artistes

Hari Krishna guy has a rival! He has been ousted from his spot beneath the 'art' on the way to work. The poor man has set himself up temporarily 20 yards away, and upped the volume. I'm not sure if Hari Krishnas are allowed resentment, but if so he's absolutely seething with it.

Meanwhile beneath the 'art' is an enthusiastic but unfortunately unwashed type who bangs away on his guitar and sings what must be his own compositions. Friday's song was a soulful tune about the evils of modern travel.

'Mr. Customs maaaaaaaan
Doooooon't you cheeeeck mah bags'

And I caught something about a steely jet in the blue, blue, skaaaaaaaah.

Today his strumming was too violent to understand his lyrics - a great shame I think. Still, it made for an interesting walk as I went from the (volume increased) heartfelt and gentle 'krishna krishnaaaaaaaa' to THUMP strum strum strum THUMP THUMP. I'm not sure if the sound wars will escalate any further. I sort of hope they come to an armed truce and just settle down together, because I've become fond of Krishna guy, and Unwashed Man has a dog of infinite charm and incredible patience.

Maybe they could be a beautiful example of musical sectarianism living in...

... sorry about this ...


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