Monday, October 30, 2006


Kirk worried about C taking that job. He worried because C didn't have any real-world experience with any of that stuff - the military (well, a bit of family history, but that's not the same by any stretch), combat zones, the middle east - any of it. C was a bright guy, an extremely bright guy, and very capable, but this was not something to take lightly.

But C wouldn't be going to Iraq, it turned out. He was going to run things in Turkey, managing the operations there, while another guy would negotiate contracts, deliver orders, work with the locals etc. This guy was already over there in fact, but things were moving quickly and they needed someone to bring some order to everything.

Kirk talked to some of his contacts, talked seriously to C, and then said it was an amazing opportunity. There were risks, of course, but since C wouldn't be in the combat zone those risks were mostly related to dealing with a new company in a chaotic environment - and of course the potential gains were as great as the risks.

It helped that this company was not entirely new to the business. It was actually a spin off of a group that had done the same thing in Afghanistan. They already had the product, they had the procedures, they should have had everything they needed to make things work.

Under the circumstances, and knowing C and his tolerance for risk, Kirk said he should go ahead. I don't know the details of what he said to C - but I would imagine he told him honestly what he thought about the risks and the problems.

I also imagine he said quite truthfully that he, Kirk, would go in an instant.

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