Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hiatus (possibly) and A Water Tale

Be duly warned that for the next week I might possibly have only sketchy internet access and therefore there could maybe be a bit of a lull here. How's that for conditional grammar?

Meanwhile I am off to contemplate the large lake that has appeared across the street. It started as one neatly excised hole which was tutted over by a crew of workmen for a day or so, then filled in and left. Except bright and observnt neighbor noticed that next to the repaired hole the street was developing a large bulge, which tarmac doesn't normally do, even here. So crew of workmen returned and excised a much larger but still neat hole next to the original. They worked on that one for a couple of days, blocking anywhere from one to four driveways (mine included) and showing a frightening lack of expertise with their various large pieces of equipment. Then they filled in the hole and tamped the dirt down VERY firmly. That was yesterday. Said observant neighbor did mention he thought there was still a leak... but was told quite sternly that it was fixed.

So yesterday evening we all went out to admire the bubble fountain in the road. The six by eight foot hole (or larger? I don't do estimates well, particularly from memory) was filled to the brim and a nice little brook was running down the gutter. Since this is a desert, the sight of water just running away to the drain without cleaning anything, refreshing anything, or watering anything is intensely irritating. Bright observant neighbor declined to call the city though, apparently he's had enough of the city and they've probably had enough of him.

I've made the suggestion that we go with what works and turn it into a neighborhood swimming hole. It's a bit small for a pool, but at a pinch we could stack all the local kids inside and get them thoroughly wet. It's a pity it's not the season. My father suggests a wetland - showing he's less selfish and more conservation minded than I. I figure within a week we could have a couple of ducks and probably a turtle or two. If we play our cards right we might attract some endangered silvery minnows, and then we could apply for grant money and get ourselves declared protected.

In fact... I wonder what the procedure is for having oneself listed as a species? I'm pretty sure I'm threatened (I know my kids are - I do it myself) and I'm positive my habitat needs restoring. I think I'll go write a letter to my local representative. She's running for reelection - she needs to keep an eye on the vital swing votes of special interest species like me.


Child 1 said...

Have the young ones next door expressed any interest in said hole? As I recall they were usually responsible for the holes in their yard and ours. Man I miss them.

child2 said...

they might have been the culprits, and would be playing in said hole. you are always of special interest to me mom. especially when you are cooking something tasty