Monday, March 26, 2007

Random Monday Notes

Piercings, tattoos, unwashed hair, goat-inspired facial growths and saggy black clothing even in combination still cannot overcome a genetic heritage of baby-fat cheeks and a slightly receding chin. Sorry, you just end up looking like a slightly cranky but still lovable hamster.

There is no minor sin more egregious than that of not flushing a public toilet. Just saying.*

*note... sin is magnified if the toilet stall in question is the Prime Toilet Stall, the one whose door still latches and everything.

Americans are unbelievably naive. Apparently we're all stunned that a woman who spent her adult life in a slow, very public journey of self-destruction somehow managed to die of an accidental drug overdose. I mean, who saw that coming?

I still believe BBC news headline writers are superb. Viz today's use of, "EU snaps up Gaza croc woman," to sum up the story of a Palestinian woman trying to smuggled live crocodiles under her dress.

ETA: To get credit for massive self-restraint.

I did not post on the display order of the following books:
"Wine for Dummies" "Sex for Dummies" "Potty-training for Dummies"
however, truth forces me to admit that I've changed the order...

AND I'm not really posting on the man on Antiques Roadshow from Mobile Alabama who attended an auction to buy shawtguuuuns and ended up with 'spensive blew joooars.' Well, not really....

... okay, I AM! I'm posting on this man because he's amazing! And his expensive blue jars are worth $4,000. Wonder how much he would have paid for the shawtguuuuns?

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