Friday, March 23, 2007


I couldn't believe what I saw this morning. Haven't seen one of those in years - in fact I thought there was only one in the world (who would make two?). I only saw it for a moment; it turned left and lumbered away. But it was enough to spark off the automotive memories.

We had a lot of cars in our time. Quickly adding up... 12.5 in our marriage of 15 years (the .5 is for a mini-van neither of us wanted that we drove for two weeks before finding out it had multiple-personality disorder and was also probably a bio-hazard. The kids loved it). It started before that though, and I present: The Cars We Dated In.

19-scary-something Brown Cutlass Pimp Car: First car Kirk every drove me home in. It was his father's actually since Kirk had just gotten back from Thailand and hadn't yet replaced his own car that had been stolen while he was away.

Anonymous Tan Truck: Actually, this belonged to one of Kirk's best friends, the one I called Wookie. They had thrown a lot of egg-crate foam things in the back to make it more comfortable, and spent happy afternoons four-wheeling out in the desert. Wookie's main goal was to crack the heads of the unfortunates in the back against the ceiling. He was very good. My main memory of this truck though is that with great determination we managed to kiss extensively under those circumstances. Can't imagine now how we did that - suction?

Yellow Datsun: Hideous car, constantly breaking down, and fitted out with furry gray seat covers. However, two important things about it - one, it's the car we got engaged in (Halloween night, Kirk dressed as a punk-rocker. The driver's furry gray seat was always a little purple on the head-rest after that night) two, it introduced me to Kirk's amazing ability to kill cars viz: 'Kirk, my dad's VW made that noise right before it threw a rod. Do you think we should check it?' 'Nah, it'll be fine!' *catastrophic clunk and complete engine failure* '[unmentionable verbiage]'

Green Van: Wookie replaced his truck with this. Really awful thing - a sort of avocado green with a white stripe all the way around it. But it was huge, he could throw all of his camping gear AND all of his friends into it, and it had tinted windows. We called it The Love Melon. I think I only rode in it twice - it also came with a very unusual smell.

But that's what I saw this morning - a Love Melon sailing down the main street as though it didn't know how anachronistic it was. And the first thing I thought?

I cant wait to tell Kirk I saw this thing!

I have my anachronistic moments as well.


Anonymous said...

I'm kinda bummed. I've been conscienciously looking for a Love Melon and haven't seen one yet.

For Kirk said...

Ah well, don't give up hope. Love Melon sightings are rare, but extremely fulfilling when they happen.