Monday, March 19, 2007

Media Conspiracy

There was a while there when I was pretty sure the media was out to get me. Well, there was the day or two when they were literally out to get me, and camped outside my door and tried to film my children and shoved business cards in my friends's hands, but that was different. This is the entertainment media - specifically television.

Surely I'm not the only one who noticed, but for a bit wasn't there a time when half the schedule looked like:

"Cold Case Files"
"Without a Trace"

Then I think there were about a dozen or so versions of CSI (CSI Tulsa! CSI Baton Rouge!) and... for heaven's sake, how many Law and Order versions are there now?

Thank goodness a lot of those didn't make the ratings and have, well, disappeared.

Now we're mostly back to the reality shows about how tough it is when someone takes away your toilet paper, because it's lots of fun to see how people cope with real trials.

Yeah. I'm pretty sure the media is out to get me.

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child said...

grrr...i hate, or strongly dislike reporters. i am prejudiced against the entire race. hear me rawr. rahr...