Monday, June 05, 2006

With Apologies to Unnamed Child of Number Not To Be Revealed

We had to invent a rule for this child, this child who comes up to you with a frightening gleam in its eye and says 'I have a joke.' Kirk invented this response after 'I have a joke' became such a frequent event combined with the most lame, ridiculous jokes you've ever heard (and occassionally laugh-until-you-lose function originals) that we really needed to reclaim our personal time. So now 'I have a joke' is answered by 'assume the position' which means this child (or any other child who feels the need to do the stand-up thing) raises its hands over its head and exposes ribs to full tickling availability.

The rule is, if the joke is good enough then the child isn't tickled, but if it's roll your eyes and groan bad, or even 'what the heck did that even mean?' bad then at least one of us is laughing and the other is entertained. The best part is that you hold your hands over the ribs with fingers all crooked and twitching just waiting for the joke to be horrible, so the child tells the joke squirming and wriggling in anticipation. Turns the whole thing into performance art.

Parenting. It's easier than it looks.

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