Monday, June 12, 2006

Today's Blog Called Due To Injuries

Darn real life... left off in the middle of Wyoming and you'll just have to wait to find out what happens next...

Child 1 has cracked a bone in its toe (having inherited its father's tendencies apparently)

Child 2 chose today to run a fever and vomit

Child 3 tried to develop sympathy nausea but was vetoed on grounds of exceeding the family health limits.

Me, I think I'm calling in sick tomorrow and we'll all just stay in bed!

ETA: Child 1 was told by its doctor to soak its foot thoroughly then ice it on and off. However Child 1 is a. hungry and b. creative so it is at this very moment standing in the kitchen with its injured foot in a tub of ice water, and making ramen noodles. Most people would walk in on a scene like this and have at least one or two simple questions. Me, I don't even blink. Situation normal.

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