Monday, June 05, 2006


Sometimes it's easier to just choose one tiny thing that I'm sorry about instead of looking at the huge, unbearable mass.

There are movies Kirk will never see. We took the kids to all the Harry Potter movies (and read them all the books) and he won't see HP3 or 4. He missed the last Lord of the Rings as well. He had seen the other two with us, and just before he disappeared he had managed to get his hands on a really bad, probably pirated version of The Two Towers in Turkey and watched it on a lap top. He would have loved the battle with all the oliphaunts, and the horses charging in. I'm not sure if he would have enjoyed the really, really long ending, but he always liked a good battle scene.

I think he would have liked the Bourne Identity films as well, although it's hard to tell with that one. The problem with being in intel is you know too much for a lot of these films, and he would laugh at all the wrong moments in a movie that assumed a bit too much about the CIA or something. But I think he would have liked the ethical issues, the way they avoided universal bad and good and drew things down to individual people. Because that's the way he looked at things too.

Maybe he would have suprised the kids by taking them to see Corpse Bride the way we did with Ice Age. We hardly ever watch movies in the theater, but he just decided one day that we would go see that one. All the way there he spun this great story about how we were going to the mall to shop for a suit for him and the kids were really working hard not to whine and complain about how boring and horrible it was to shop on a fine Saturday instead of mountain biking or going hiking or surfing or something. Their faces were great when we pulled into the parking lot, because (since we usually park a long way from the door just so we can get in and out more easily or find shade or whatever) it took them a minute to realize we were actually going to see a movie instead and... YAY DAD!

So I'm sorry I can't talk over those movies with him, and argue about whether it was okay to be happy to see a book adapted really loosely for film but not be able to cope with inaccuracies in details no one without a security clearance knows anything about.

Tonight I'll grab the kids and we'll put on Clue or something and laugh really hard at all the stuff we find incredibly funny. We'll quote Madeline Khan saying 'I hate her so much.. flames, flames? Flaming... on the side of my face... heaving... breathing... breath...' and we'll have our feet up on the bed and squabble over who is in whose way.

Laughing is good.

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