Sunday, June 25, 2006

Chasing the Coolth

I complain about the weather a lot. Not out publically, just internally and to my kids who completely agree with me. It's nice to complain about something that is completely not my fault, that I can't change no matter what, something that won't get its feelings hurt if I shout about it.

So we're having a 'relief' from the heat which means that according to my outdoor thermostat it's 'only' 99 outside. I think it's not actually that hot, just the thermostat registering the sun and the reflecting heat coming off the wall. But when I think about it I realize that if the thermostat feels that way so will I, no matter what the 'real' temperature is.

We're chasing down cool. There's oooold U2 playing, child 2 is munching popcorn and reading in my very shabby comfy chair. I'm doing graphic work and fussing because this computer doesn't have Photoshop CS2, but convincing myself that it makes me more creative to strive against these obstacles (piffling PS7... ). And it's a lovely 70 degrees. Sure I'm so lame I take my kids to work on a Sunday, but right now we're all agreed it's a wonderful thing.

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