Saturday, June 17, 2006

Diplomatic Corps Awaits

Child 3 announced its intention not to join Child 2 in attendance at a local fair (Child 2 will be working there and thus earning a sunburn when it forgets to lube up, even though it has now been reminded twice, and a free t-shirt) because Child 3 'really would like to have the house to [itself] for a while.'

Reponsible adult replied that this was, to say the least, a bit concerning. Family tradition dictates any children left alone must immediately do something, anything that is strictly forbidden by house rules. (we're a bunch of wimps. For my sister and me that just meant watching television with the sound down to nearly nothing so we could hear the tell-tale hiss of the car tires on the driveway and have time to switch off the television and assume convincingly natural positions with books and homework)

Reply? 'Why would I want to do that when I have to live in the house?'

Child 3 has the wide, honest eyes of the congenital liar. But it also has the finely honed skills of a seasoned diplomat. Well done Child 3. Making me proud.

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