Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Want To Move Back To Where They Think This Is Hot

On my yahoo weather dingus I have the places I would like to live, and at least one or two places I used to live, but not the place I currently live (heck, I know what the weather is like here!)

So I was really amused today to see 'severe weather alert!' for Portland, Pacifica, and our old home town - Moss Beach. Seems these folks are going to suffer a serious heat wave, with warnings about seeking out air conditioning, and drinking water (still or sparkling is fine, and just a hint of lemon mind). To make it quite clear, the panic is over this:

Note especially the overnight temperatures and the extended forecast.

Where I live we're all excited over a cooling trend that's giving us this:

We figure next week we'll be back around 99 or so.

In this crisis the West Coast is facing, I'd like to volunteer my services to go help out. Really. Just fly my family out there, and we'll toil away to ease you through your tough time. We're just really generous that way.

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