Tuesday, May 09, 2006

You never know when they're listening

Both Kirk and I went to school full time, swapping hours so one of us was home with the kids at all times. It meant a lot of sacrifice (who needs food and clothing?), but was a complete luxury so far as family time went. We started early schooling with the kids, Kirk doing history and math in the mornings, me doing reading and art in the afternoons. It went pretty well too, although Kirk's methods were a bit interesting.

I came home one day to find that he had given everyone Sumerian names (one child was Meskiaggasher, one was Lugal-Zage-Si - my father was Sargon The Great). I admit I wasn't that thrilled to have the middle one, aged 3 call me Lugulbanda.

But the lessons were well learned. One afternoon I was telling the oldest child the story of Sleeping Beauty. The king and queen, I explained, had no children, and so they were terribly, terribly sad. The child sighed deeply. 'Just like the Mesopotamians,' it said. 'Their gods hated them!'

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