Monday, May 22, 2006

As Others See Us

I only set up a Yahoo Music channel last week - I'm slow on some things. I'm also not the most patient of people, so I admit I went through the 'pick your favorites' bit sort of quickly. Then there was the irritating discovery that the darn thing doesn't work with Firefox (how can you not support Firefox??). Still, after swallowing the fact that I would have to start up IE for reasons other than browser compatability checks I got the thing working.

Now, I think it's pretty neat that this channel thing is supposed to anticipate my taste and learn about what I like to hear... slightly big-brother, but in an I-can-live-with-it sort of way. But I suppose I just learned that I still have a part of me that believes there's a little tiny man living inside the computer dishing out internet content to me.

Because when Perfect Circle (which I love and clearly marked 'can't get enough') was followed up with Boyz II Men, I was appalled. Not only because it was inconceivable that this thing would make that sort of musical non-sequitur, but because it honestly bothered me that the little tiny man had such a warped opinion of me.

Stop judging me little tiny man. I'm so much cooler than that.


Anonymous said...

There's a little tiny person over at Amazon that does the same thing with "other readers who bought this book bought..."

Fascinating ideas the little people have about some of us.

child 1 said...

AAAAH! Its a conspiracy!