Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blood Donation

Watching the superb PBS special on blood - Red Gold: The Epic History of Blood, and the following two-part Frontline on AIDS.

Brings up a quite sad point. Kirk and I (like most people we knew in the military community) were regular blood donors. Now though, because of concern over the new Mad Cow disease, I am banned from donating because of our time in Germany. Child 1 who is now old enough to donate is also barred. I feel a great loss at not being able to give something that could mean life, particularly in this time of excessive death.

The concern in the community has a terrible history behind it, and that alone justifies an extreme caution. I am also aware that adding tests to the already significant battery increases the difficulties faced and the costs but... I hope something changes in this situation. So many people I know are eliminated, people who have been committed and diligent donors.

When you have nothing else, being able to give life gains enormous significance.

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