Wednesday, March 04, 2009


At what age is a Child too old for birthday posts? Will Child 1 be 84 and I 100 something-or-other and beaming a post in through my virtual brain port?

It does seem a bit weird to still be calling it Child when it is clearly nothing of the sort and when, this year, it officially left behind its teens.

One of its friends, a few weeks older than Child 1, was mourning the fact that, as a non-teen, it would no longer be able to be obsessed with the Twilight movie/books [note: this friend has watched said movie over FORTY TIMES. 40. Four with a tee on the end. and change. That is devotion]. Child 1 doesn't seem to feel any restrictions of its new age an maturity - it watches and reads what it will, preferring to be happy rather than right.

It is in its second semester of university now, and after a brief tussle with a combination of algebra (after a year off math) and an instructor with almost no English has taken to higher education with its usual aplomb. This semester it has ceramics to keep it happy as well as a fascinating class on human evolution (go on, ask it about theories on the development of intelligence in social animals!)

Somehow this year it has managed to juggle a nearly-but-not-quite full time job AND full time school and do beautifully at both. I promise, if I figure out just what it is that allows this to happen I will bottle it and distribute it entirely free for the betterment of mankind.

I've been waiting to write up this birthday post because, to my dismay, the Child has not yet received a birthday present from me. Its grandparents took it out to dinner, its friends whisked it off for a dance - but aside from a nice dinner of smoked salmon it has seen absolutely nothing from me. It's not entirely my fault though - the Child refused to tell me what it wanted, if anything. It has now submitted to agreeing to be taken to a rock and gem shop to choose something but between its schedule and mine we have yet to make it down there.

I hope with great age comes great patience and understanding.

Happy birthday Child 1.


child 2 said...

if you can find a way, how about sending it to a loving high school student?

Earthenwitch said...

I kinda want to hate Child 1 from the sound of it - it sounds too perfect. But it does ceramics - no-one who does ceramics can be wholly evil. ;)

Happy birthday, Child 1.

Child 1 said...

aw evil is oh so fun. not that i would know... thank you everyone

Mujja said...

Child 1 will NEVER be too old for birthday is your baby... and as such it is your DUTY to carry on embaressing it with schmaltzy posts forever, also you must remember that public gushing should be indulged in frequently and without restraint in order to maximise its discomfort at all social gatherings.....I think that this will probably work EVEN BETTER on child 2.....

child 2 said...

no!!! it would not work on child two!! there will be no meeping, and it will not be entertaining at al! so don eeben tink abaht it mum!