Friday, March 27, 2009


The Superior Aunt is coming! Bringing with her the Superior Cousins (Children A, B and C). When asked what she wants to do she replied with a request for Mexican food. And more Mexican food. Seeing as this is the city that has green chile as an ingredient in at least one dish on every menu I think we can handle this (the menu claim could be a slight exaggeration, but I have seen it offered with a wide variety of things including various pasta dishes and, weirdly, crepes. Also, I have a friend who swears that green chile and pineapple pizza is not only palatable but is The One True Pizza. I have not yet been desperate enough or drunk enough to try it).

The Spring Break gods refused to align the planets so not only does this visit not coincide with when Children 2 and 3 are off (this week) but it missed when Child 1 was off as well (last week) (note that I never got to be off AT ALL. Darn Spring Break gods). However we intend to make the most of the thing and, when not stuffing the Superior Relatives with burritos, enchiladas and chile rellenos, will be hurling them up mountains, forcing them to admire various bits of the city, and possibly requiring them to watch all the films that WE like.

And since they're family they're going to have to enjoy it all too.

Can't wait.


CAR said...

I've seen one menu without green chile. Japanese kitchen.
and, green chile with pineapple IS VERY GOOD, but I wouldn't go so far as "one true pizza." Bye the way, Monroe's has very good mexican food.

Mujja said...

You could (after a suitable meeting, greeting pamapering, oohing and ahhing period) provide them with alternative activities to enjoy whilst you are dealing the lack of spring break caused by work...such your home, shopping for groceries, prepareing food with chilli in it, carrying out minor (or even major) repairs on your home etc etc..the possibilities are endless and the Superior Aunt and Cousins would get a real taste for being with you en famille...

Megan said...

CAR - good point! Japanese Kitchen does indeed seem to be green chile free. Monroes is good, but the Superior Aunt insisted on El Patio

Mujja - Also then ensuring she never, ever wants to come visiting again! However, my house would be clean... I'm quite torn now.