Thursday, March 19, 2009



The minivan

With the six soccer-ball stickers
Marked "Jacob" "Joshua" "Madison" "Hannah" "Ashley" and "Brianna"

And the gymnastics sticker
Marked "Tyler"

And the Jesus fish

And the "God is my co-pilot" sticker

And the window label with the big-eyed, pajama-clad infants clustered around a cross

Your "In case of rapture this vehicle will become un-manned," license plate frame is a public spirited warning

but probably unnecessary.


On the other hand, the pale, curly haired young man in the Smart car

with the FIVE apple stickers on various windows

and the Flying Spaghetti Monster icon

with the Darwin fish on the other side

didn't really need to let us know that "Guns don't kill people,
Type 2 phasers kill people." and he voted Kirk/Spock in 2008.

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Child 1 said...

were the cars next to eachother