Thursday, March 12, 2009


I'm not a morning person.

Really, truly, genuinely not.

I'm so not a morning person I get up waaaay early just so I can be awake by the time I have to do anything anyone might want to pay me for. (it makes sense in my own head, trust me).

So, at that waaaaay early hour I can generally handle either the minute numbers or the hour numbers on my alarm clock, but not both. When I say generally, that includes multiple incidences of staring meditatively at the glowing red numerals and wondering whether 8 comes before or after 5, then deciding either way it doesn't matter because I couldn't figure out what the significance would be regardless. As a general rule though I can focus to the right or left of that colon and, with a little bit of concentration, come to a reasonable conclusion about what I need to do next.

This morning it only took five minutes to figure out that, since I needed to pick up gas, I probably didn't have enough time for five more minutes of warmth. I rolled reluctantly out of bed, flipped on the lights and headed off to take my shower. Virtuous AND clean I also brushed teeth and got dressed before coming back into the bedroom to check the time and see how long I had left.

At which point I finally took a look at the hour number.

Which was a steady, unforgiving 2.

It's going to be a long day.


kate said...

Oof. That is an EXTREMELY early start to your day.

MitMoi said...

I have trouble reading clocks too. It's a number thing.

One day I said to my boss, "Yay! Only 45 minutes left!" ... and I watched the clock like a hawk.

When the big hand reached the 12, I went home.

I was SO GLAD to be home ... until I turned on the TV to catch the news ... and it was still "afternoon programming". Since the office was 54 miles away I did NOT go back to work (that day).

But you can BET the boss-man wanted to know why I ducked out so early the day before :|

ps: Sorry for the hi-jack :\

Mujja said...

OMG! I have done that...I get up usually at 5.20 am and leave the house to go straight to the gym, one morning I woke up...convinced that I had heard the alarm...but it must have been in my head ... I got dressed and got in the car... it wasn't until I had got 5 miles up the road that I realised it was 3.30 am......PAH!!! I ALWAYS check very carefully nowadays...

Child 1 said...

Once I got up, took a shower, got dressed, climbed upstairs, stared blearily at the clock for a few minutes, realized it was 1030 at night, then climbed downstairs again. it meant i didnt have to get up early to take a shower though

Megan said...

Kate - it is indeed... oh MAN is it!

MitMoi - Horrible feeling, isn't it! I think it might be worse though to be convinced all day long that it's Friday only to realize at 5 that it's really only Thursday. Happens to me a lot! (BTW, welcome!)

Mujja - Okay, that's much worse!

Child 1 - I do remember that actually, along with wondering what on earth you thought you were doing!