Friday, March 13, 2009


In my free time (HA HA HA!! See what I did there? With the free and the time and putting them together like that? I kill me, really I do) I've spent the last week or so putting together software training screen casts. I'm about 3/4 of the way through the basic set of the first program (out of two sets, four programs. Yes, nuts, I know, shut up) so I've developed something of a system and, being a giver, I'll share it with you.

1. Open screen recording program, select New Recording

2. Switch to target program.

3. Set up screen.

4. Click Large Red Threatening Button

5. Repress heart palpitations because THERE IS A COUNTDOWN!! I HATE COUNTDOWNS!! Try to ignore the Five Four Three Two One on the screen.

6. Suffer coughing fit as recording starts.

7. Hit the stop key sequence.

8. Discard recording.

9. Repeat 1 - 5

10. "Intro babble! A-a-a-a-buggerit!"

11. Repeat 7 & 8

12. Repeat 1 - 5

13. Repeat 10, choosing alternate cuss words for variety.

14. Repeat 11 - 13 until thoroughly disgusted.

15. Successfully talk through entire demonstration until final action at which point: a) loud knock on door, b) loud telephone ring or c) complete verbal meltdown

16. "JEEBUS ON A BICYCLE! Stoopid program with the... one more time but damnit... why the hell do I OFFER these things... people with their door knocks and their telephones I know what I'D like to knock... ONE MORE TIME AND THAT'S IT"

17. Successfully talk through entire demonstration, nearly panic at the end due to lack of clever wrap up chat, power through and hit stop key sequence.

18. Return to recording program and press play.

19. Realize sadly that your voice is twice as high as you think it is AND you have thoroughly American R's that grate like no one's business. Determine nothing is to be done.

20. Think hard about editing recording to highlight cursor moves etc. Say buggerit again.

21. Check off one more recording and realize happily that there are only 24 more to go.

On this program.

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MitMoi said...

I hate trying to sound all "alive" and "engaged" in a room all by myself while I know my coworkers are outside the door wondering, "Who the hell is she being so happy with?" :(