Friday, June 27, 2008


There was a news headline a while back about how the swans at Bishops Palace in Somerset had cygnets and they had set up an internet camera which garnered some ridiculous number of hits within the first day or two.

So naturally I followed the link.

And saw... a simply spiffy pile of sticks. Very, very swanish sticks.

But the article said swans! Real swans.

So I just maybe went back the next day - you know, just to see. And the sticks were still in place although the camera had been shifted to better capture the stickiness of the sticks (and the aesthetic splendor of the construction scaffolding).

I would like to say I gave up at that point, that I didn't go back every day for a while just to see. But let's face it, at this point the swans, they were winning damn their snaky necks and I was beginning to take it personally.

A few days on and I felt it was really rather pathetic to have added a live camera shot of an empty swan nest to my daily routine of Important Web Sites I Check. I rationalized that there were a large number of feathers lying around and that was practically the same thing so really I should just stop. But still I went...

...until today when I triumphantly observed:

Swan bum.

I do believe that swan watch 2008 is officially over.


sprecacenere said...

Okay. See. This would be a good time to step away from the computer and get organized!

Anonymous said...

Not to ruin your hopes or anything but you know it could be a duck, a goose or some other white bird. -Cadet

emily said...

now now, if you are going to play voyeurism, im sure you could find something more exciting than a swan b7um? Really??

Or is that what floats your boat??!! *thinks about it...then feels slightly sick*

For Kirk said...

sprecacenere-who-knew-me-too-well-as-a-young-and-disorganized-person: Ask my poor suffering Children about my organization habits! The lack there-of is entirely blog related although I'm continuing to chip away at it... slowly...

anonymous! No!! Is swan bum! Am convinced. Will not return to the swan camera site just to check either.

emily - it is sad isn't it. Not that this isn't a perfectly loverly swan bum (I think? I don't have a great deal of experience in these things). I am comfortable in saying however that I am now very much over the swan bum and am actively looking for something rather less feathery to be voyeuristic about. Refuse to celebrity gawk though, am far, far above such things (that an the possibilities for celebrity gawking 'round here are... minimal to nil).

emily gray said...

aaah...see i am minorly addicted to gofugyourself, if only for the anusing sarcasm and awful outfits...
and dont go back and check - thats a very slippery slope :)