Monday, June 23, 2008

Fly By

At about 5 in the afternoon there was a fsssssshhhhhWHOOOM noise.

A suitcase crater appeared in the living room with a five yard debris field of socks, t-shirts and unmentionables.

Five bagels, four hot dogs, a bag of cereal, half a gallon of milk, a pint of ice-cream, sundry bits of toast, fruit, vegetables, lunch-meat, cream cheese etc disappeared from their usual haunts.

a large cello case surfaced directly in front of the front door in ideal tripping location.

A steady hum of talk was heard, punctuated by "look at this!" and "but the best bit was" and "guess what my ring tone is?" until late into the evening*.

Come 4:20 in the morning peace descended again.

The Male Child is off to camp number 2.

*At which point I had to say "AUGH! You are. not. packed. I am getting up at 4 to take you to the airport. I am leaving the room now." I'm pretty sure the talk went on, but as my door was closed I was blissfully unaware.


emily said...

thats a heck of a lot of food, even for a teenage boy... are you sure he is a normal child or has he been genetically mutated with a goat??!!
but commiserations on the mess...i feel your pain. :)

Mujja said...

A trick I learnt to save the "nice" food from teenage boys ravaging of the fridge and cupboards (Emily they can EASILY eat that much and more) is well worth trying. Simply wrap up the good stuff in foil and label it clearly; Lard, Liver or Lentils...they will NEVER look past an "L" word food stuff...which means that lovely piece of cheesecake will still be there for you to eat in peace as you had planned....then buy an industrial sized bag of potatoes and the cheapest bread you can find and invite them to make chip butties (French fry sandwiches) to their hearts content...truly it is a win win!

For Kirk said...

Emily - actually as I typed that out I was thinking... surely this can't be all... To relieve your mind the Male Child is 5'11" and weighs (officially - it was weighed at camp #1) 130 lbs. As I pointed out to its sister it doesn't have a six-pack, it has a 12-pack. It is simply in constant motion (and yes, much of that motion seems to be mouth-ward...)

Mujja - you? are BRILLIANT! And I had forgotten about chip butties. The Children already have a deep and abiding love for toad in the hole - they obviously need to be introduced to other excellent starchy, filling, intensely unhealthy and yet comforting foods! Although now I have a terrible desire for Jaeger Pommes from a small imbiss stand in Wildflecken Germany...