Friday, June 20, 2008



This is like hard work this is.

Okay, I've started going through the archives and putting labels on posts (and damn if I don't witter on a lot - when did over 400 posts happen?) so there's at least a sporting chance that someone could find just the stuff they're looking for.

So, fix your gaze firmly to the side column over there and gasp for a moment at the sheer wonder of it all.

I think I've managed to catch all of the actual Kirk Story posts although I will have to back through and make sure I didn't miss anything. I might add a second, more limiting label for the bare bones of the story in case someone only wants the slightly depressing skeleton and not the bits where we're trading over the back wall of Russian bases in East Germany or falling off mountain bikes and things.

Posts that mention Kirk are marked... wait for it... Kirk. Which is irritating actually because often times the mentions are minor asides and have nothing to do with the meat of the post (and dammit ALL my posts are meaty) so the labels are so far utterly arbitrary. I might go back through and make it more systematic...

The Lazy hit about that point so other topics aren't fleshed out at all particularly as I was about halfway through when I realized I'd probably do well to break out things like CID, army, air force, Iraq, hostages and frankly I was too darn lazy to go back again. It'll probably be fixed though because the Lazy is even now having a furious argument with the Obsessive-Compulsive and I have a feeling the OCD will give the Lazy a smack-down.

I think I'll take the rest of my personalities out for a drink while they sort that out.


Anonymous said...


UGH, indeed.

I hear your UGH and raise you an "UGHOLICIOUS" - because it just sounds more festive and I NEED festive and isn't it about damn time we focus on what I NEED? You heard me. I'm not afraid to ask the big questions.

Homeschooling 3 children breeds much paperwork! The dreaded organizational skills are necessary year round but never more so than this time of year. I get that.

In an effort to wrap up as neatly as possible yet another school year - to comply with the Committee Of They (a.k.a. the state) and thus keep them out of our lives for yet another 12 months - I will attempt, AGAIN, to become better organized.

Masses of evidence for said committee must be compiled into some sort of portfolio to be reviewed & signed off on by a third party (parties are festive!).

The worst of it is the mound of evidence that does NOT make it into said portfolio but that "must be kept" for said committee to view at their discretion.

Thankfully, said committee has shown no discretion thus far in our 4 years of teaching at home.

I'm NOT complaining. Really, I'm NOT! I chose this - void of regrets. That's not true. I regret not homeschooling sooner as it's brought a depth of closeness to our family life that I could not have imagined and which more than makes up for this skill I MUST attempt to develop more fully.

Likewise, I could not have imagined just how perpetually UNorganized I'd feel but which is more than made up for by truly getting to know and LIKE my children.

I can file tomorrow. Or the day after...

Anonymous said...

Workaholics, you people never take a break and I'm sorry I don't think your posts are meaty but wordious... and spacious. Why? To much white space in between! -cadet

Susie Dow said...

The tags look lovely. I don't know if this helps or if it will send you back to the multiple personality bar for another smoothee, but I once created a list of your posts that related to Kirk's work in counter-terrorism: Link

It shows 12 posts...and, um, you only have 2 so far under Intelligence. Of particular note, August 22, 2006 is a classic: A New Approach to The Pamper Problem.

Susie Dow said...


child 2 said...

this is why the obsessive compulsive in my brain took a severe beating from the lazy, the teen, and the hell no i won't!!!!! it is nursing its wounds, waiting to reappear when i'm forty.

For Kirk said...

anonymous - which is why we homeschooled for a grand total of... erm... a year and a half I believe. BUT! We did it while we were both going to college full time which adds just that little bit of something special!

cadet - wordious is exactly it. Or maybe wordalicious. It's a wordapalooza around here, yo.

Susie - which is why you're a star! Thanks, I will start the next labelling slog with intelligence posts! (rather than intelligent posts...)

Child 2, just be warned that mine appeared well before forty and I (as your beloved grandmother will attest) darn near murdered mine!