Thursday, June 26, 2008


We're about to expand our family.

She says coyly.

But no batted eyelashes because that's just too twee for words.

Maybe a sort of sly-ish smile though, something that implies knowingness and... I dunno... a bit of devil-may-care perhaps?

[right now my mother is breathing deeply and clutching the keyboard - WHAT ON EARTH have I done??]

Yes, in fact we're expecting. Twins. Child 1 and I.

Sort of twins that is, I mean they aren't identical or anything... but...

The due date was supposed to be some time this week and Child 1 has been helping with the whole patiently waiting thing by asking me daily, "so? Are they here yet?"

Sadly, no. They are not here.

And so we remain.



emily said...

ooooooooooh please say its a kitten...or two kittens??

i am desperate for a kitten but for various reasons am not allowed one :(

For Kirk said...

Nope! Not kittens although I have nothing at all against kittens. Now, litter trays? Oh... I have a large issue with litter trays. Unfortunately I also have guilt about outdoor cats who probably murder small beasties with their sharp little carnivorous teeth so there are not kittens in our future.

Oh, and the twins are STILL not here. V frustrating.

emily said...

are they here yet????

im dying of curiosity here - i am a very nosey person! :)

For Kirk said...

Ha! They are here! They are here! Well, sort of. They are THERE really and the difficulty is getting them from THERE to HERE since the kind person who is to assist is totally and utterly NOT HERE (or THERE). Child 1 is most distressed. It wants to go THERE today just to visit them and maybe cuddle them just a little and whisper to them that soon, soon they will be HERE.

emily said...

welllll, what are they??? and where is there?? oh the endless questions?!