Thursday, June 05, 2008

Saved by Target

Oh thank goodness.

First of all I can't in good conscience do an I-hate-the-heat post when actually the wind kicked up last night and this morning it was RAINING and COOL and FABULOUS. By the way, I'm totally taking credit for that. The headlines will read, "Global Warming Reversed By Courageous Blogger! Threat of Weather Related Whining Produces Record Cooling! Nobel Committee Seriously Considering Blogger's Request to Add Propeller Beanie to Prize Package!"

But second something wonderful happened yesterday. I went to Target (that wasn't it) with Child 3 (which was nice, but that wasn't it either) and as we passed the charming, chortling baby (also delightful, still not it) I saw it. IT. The thing. THE THING. It's here. Really, click the link, go check it out and then decide if this is not a miraculous gift to blogging?

But. I've read at least three of the lines of text on that home page and I think this company has missed a serious marketing opportunity here. What does the owner of a Mangroomer need?



mujja said...

OMG! that is superb.....the oppertunities for ridicule are endless!.....topiary....rude words...trimming to enhance flab definition....perhaps stenciling as you suggest with dye being used on the remaining hair to produce works of human art...not to mention buying one for someone...the gift that says "you are gross" like no other gift can!

Anonymous said...

Tattoos are so yesterday. What will you call your new product?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. - Cadet

wheelsonthebus said...

You are a total whack job. You know that, right?

Child 1 said...

well thats a waker upper, imagine scanning through random blogs and coming up with that???

For Kirk said...

mujja - eeeeeeggzactly! The only thing in my experience that comes even close is when the Male Child shopping for a present for its female sibling was very seriously considering the nose hair trimmer.

anonymous - oh! The pressure! I don't know really... maybe FurrstampZ? You know, something that basically says, "back hair! With bling, yo!"

cadet - you did follow the link, right?

wheels - well... yes. What's really sad is that I spent time searching for the perfect hairy back, spent time making the images and was then going to spend a whole lot more time to make it really, really convincing. Then I remembered I do have a life. Sort of.

Child - sorry about that. Just add it to the scars you'll need to explain to your therapist later, m'kay?