Thursday, April 03, 2008


I've always had long hair.

Well, except that one time on a school trip when I let my friend cut my hair and she went all 80's on my head and I ended up with one side up to my ear and the other down at my shoulder. Such things might have worked (in the 80's) with sylphs with silky straight hair but not me and my even-in-the-desert curly mop. Oh, and there was the sad, sad day when the hairdresser mistook my request for "simple" and "easy" for "lop-it-all-off Mom-do."

But other than THAT I've always had long hair.

And I do know that I haven't exactly done any trimming lately... say for several months...

So why am I suddenly surprised to find that I'm sporting a head of hair more than halfway down my back?

And why is it that part of me is well aware that I'm not nine any longer and I should definitely get the damn hair cut...

... but the rest has spent the day secretly being thrilled because everyone knows that princesses have really, really long hair.

Now I just need a tiara.

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