Monday, April 07, 2008

Multiple Personality

So, again, sorry there will be no segue.

The problem is I started this as a blog about Kirk and so there is a great deal about missing persons, about Kirk, about all that sort of stuff. But inevitably my current life and the Children and stuff like that sort of crept in and lo! There was multiplebloginality! I suppose I should get organized and put the Kirk story into one blog and the rest of it into another, but in the meantime you'll have to cope with the virtual whiplash as we whiz from one thing to another.*

Susie Dow, who blogs at Missingman has been doing amazing work getting all sorts of details and things organized about Kirk's story and about other related things (the clever among you will notice that she started her blog in November 2003, as soon as the story broke. She has been doing this with great dedication for four and a half years now). She has put in so much work lately and produced so much stuff that I wanted to link over for those who want more information. As always Susie, thanks.

December, 2007 archive:

Kirk's Car - post stating questions about Kirk's supposed actions on the day he vanished

Car Photo - photo of the type of car Kirk drove that day

Safa Shukir & the Phone Call - post of questions specifically about the phone call to Ultra Services employee, Safa Shukir

FOB Pacesetter - excellent background post with information on the base Kirk visited including maps and photos

January, 2008 archive:

This archive page has loads of excellent geographic information, general and then specific. Susie has included photos and some excellent maps with markers to help put everything into scale. The posts include:

Jabal Hamrin
Jabal Makhul
Jabal Hamrin and Jabal Makhul - photo and map
The Tikrit & Kirkuk Road - videos and map

February, 2008 archive:

Further background information including:

Military Bases in North East Iraq - with map and key
Still Missing - names and details on those still missing in Iraq
Ultra Services - Who, What, Where - including bios and photos (where available) on both the American's involved and the Turkish and Iraqi employees.

March, 2008 archive:

Kirk von Ackermann's Nissan Patrol SUV - information on the car itself, on the jack and the tire and some links to additional sources

Ryan Manelick's Hyundai Galloper - background for the car driven by Ryan and his companion on the day they were killed in December, 2003

'Nice White Land Cruiser'- the final of the three posts on the cars involved

Sun, Moon, Weather Data and Context - background information on weather and questions or issues it raises

The Bridge Theory - excellent post. Includes a graphic showing decision points on the day Kirk went missing

Thoughts on Conspiracy

Americans Missing in Iraq - update on those missing in Iraq. The remains of six people have been found and identified.

April, 2008:

LSA Anaconda - General and LSA Anaconda - Motor Pool - information on the base

Into A Dark Place - fair warning! Susie is going to write up a fictional (imaginary) account of what happened.

The Mind of Susie Dow - based on her investigation this is Susie's account of what could have happened. Please note, she states clearly this is NOT the CID account and NOT intended to be read as fact. It is conjecture and imagination based on the information she has.

The Demountable Guard Shack - information on the guard shack Kirk (and I) designed, a product he was in the process of marketing. He had meetings set up in Europe to talk to suppliers for raw materials, had had a firm offer from a Turkish business man who wanted Kirk to leave Ultra Services and produce this product, and enthusiastic reaction from military officers in Iraq when he described the product and asked about their interest in it. This product was, for a short time, marketed after Kirk's disappearance. I have no idea whether they actually produced it or sold any units.

Short Note

*Hey... I have a segue after all...


Susie Dow said...

Wow. Thank you!

I'd completely forgotten about the Guard booth images, so thank you for the recent reminder. I need to poke around my older files and see what else I have that might be of interest.

The Bridge Theory - it really helps to see the decisions from that day, no?

The recent fictional piece, I just needed to get that out of my head for some reason. It's dark and maybe that's why, it just needed to see some light.

One or two long as you keep writing, it's all good. You have a lovely style. Thank you again.

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For Kirk said...

It's interesting that spambots always hit the least probable posts, don't you think? Adam Brown, I totally believe in you, and I am sure you have slightly-too-long mousy hair and a little paunch and you wear white tube socks with your Adidas. I hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling life working from home and typing. It sounds fascinating.