Thursday, April 17, 2008

Public Privacy

I've had to accept, reluctantly, that some people view their cars as a small, private oasis where one may explore the various crevices and orifices of one's body at leisure.

But what on earth makes anyone think a cell phone has some mystical ability to surround the user with a bubble of silence?

Just today I heard:

"Nah, no... no, I told you we aren't serious! We've only gone out, like, once... Mom... Mom, don't call her mom, no really, don't! We went out for pizza - pizza is not serious! Mom! What? Yes. Yes I did. No, I really did! I told you I did... Mom it's not like I don't shower - why do you have to ask me if I shower? I did shower. I shower, like, all the time. Like, yesterday and like today too..."

"Look [loud female voice breaks in]... Look [much more loud female voice, quite shrill now]... look... LOOK!!!! I called you to tell you I was gonna be late and you said you were going to bed anyway so why are you angry when you don't remember when I came home last night? [mumbling female voice] Of course I was home before midnight... [mumble] baby, I know you were asleep. You were snoring. [LOUD female voice] Baby how is it an attack when I say you snore? [mumble] Anyway, I called to tell you I'm going to be home late tonight."

And, rather disturbingly:

"Dude... yeah... nah, it's prescription but it totally takes the rash down... nah, like no itching AT. ALL."

Life amongst the undergraduates.


Anonymous said...

I admit to being very very bad with one particular friend and deliberately saying terribly awful things in public when we just knew we were being listened to.

Diner booths and soggy french fries just naturally lend themselves to bringing out the worst in us.

For Kirk said...

Oh that's different! That's a completely natural, almost honorable thing to do. All the best people do it. Often. With their Children...

... or ... so I hear.

child2 said...

chastity dance.