Sunday, April 06, 2008

Random Sunday Thoughts

A. A sparkling clean window ledge is conducive to inner peace.

Further note - while high-gloss paint in some application is one of the lesser works of the devil (see also plastic easter grass and crop tops with low-rider jeans) it is, at times a thing of beauty.

B. I have kept two spam emails in my inbox just because I'm amused to see heartfelt messages from Amber Valentine and Igor Braunwort.

Further note - those two are clearly made for each other. I should forward those messages simply because somewhere out there there should be two people in love who look deeply into each other's eyes and murmur, "Oh Igor..." "... yes Valentine?" I think this would make the world a better place.

C. I'm convinced that half the population dresses in a darkened closet and sprints out the door lest they catch a glimpse of themselves in a full-length mirror. Nothing else explains the:

13+ muffin tops
4 violations of the no-socks-with-sandals rule
2 violations of the no-knee-length-white-tube-socks-with-shorts rule
1 violation of the no-crotch-height-skirts-after-40 rule

All seen within 10 minutes on Friday.

D. Our family conversations are heading in a frightening direction. Last night we had a serious discussion on just how sexy Sly Cooper is and whether or not the pistol-holder thing he wears (in which there is no pistol) is intended to highlight his manly raccoon thighs. For the record, we voted yes.

I'm not sure what all this says for the week to come.


child 2 said...

you can't fight the sexy.

Mujja said...

I love love love fashion/plain common dress sense violations! there is a never ending supply of visual entertainment available in England...however, it is getting dangerous nowadays... now I am old and don't care so much... the urge to tell people that they look an absolute fright is almost more than I can bear.......

For Kirk said...

mujja - yes! I know exactly what you mean. Only I'm surrounded by little lambkins of the undergraduate variety so at least I want to gently take them aside and whisper, "darling, you dear little rabbit you, clothes do not become fresher as they sift into the lower strata of your dirty laundry pile. Your dive and fish method is producing not sunshine-fresh items but wrinkled, stale old concert t-shirts and frankly the air behind you is hurting the back of my eyes."

Kate said...

Sly Cooper is the sexiest raccoon ever. I'm partial to the way his tail swooshes back and forth as he's waiting to make his move.