Wednesday, April 23, 2008



I would like you to know that normally I'm a pretty nice person. Ordinarily, if there were no one behind me, I would have stopped for you and waved for you to go ahead and cross the street. It's not that much time for me and it's just a polite and friendly thing to do.

But I did not stop for you. I went right on past, without even a smile. I know. However in my defense:

1. You were wearing a silk shirt in a truly vile shade of orange.

2. You had it unbuttoned to expose the quite impressive crop of chest fur you've been cultivating.

3. Also there was bling. Quite tacky, shiny, "gold" bling.

4. Finally, and this hurts me to say, you were picking your nose - like up to the first knuckle picking, and there seemed to be the beginnings of a mouth-ward movement going on.

Which is why I had to look away and drive on past you sir.

I do hope you understand.


Ariel said...

Urgh, urgh, urgh! Are you sure it was silk? Something leads me to believe it must have been polyester.

Daethian said...

You are forgiven my child LMAO

For Kirk said...

Well.... I was maybe giving the benefit of the doubt. There was a definite... shine to the whole thing.

Lovely start to the day though!

Anonymous said...

The fortune cookie says:
You are fated to meet and will one day shake hands.

John Rodriguez said...

I read your comment note from 9 April... Kirk was a very blessed man, by any standard, to have a woman, his wife, write so movingly about him still. I hope all of you are doing well... our Christmas card to y'all came back this year -- figured I didn't have enough postage on it or some such... Am glad the kids are doing so well... and I look forward to attending at least one of them's commissioning one day!!! john rodriguez

The lost Henry cote said...

thats a chuckle in itself ...not to be random much but i was wondering if you know any sites i can read up on this tablet because my drawings on this look way different on than the ones on paper I'll show you someday if you would like..

For Kirk said...

Hey Justin -

Is it the surface that's throwing you off? You can get an overlay for the tablet that changes the texture - also different pen nibs might help out. You might want to experiment a little. Another thought is to do what a lot of cartoonists and illustrators do - do your line work on paper and then scan the work in at really high resolution so you can clean it up, do color work etc. Here are a few links you might like:

Tom Richmond from MAD Magazine -this is a link to a tutorial but you might want to check out the whole blog:

Photoshop tutorial (NSFW) - one of several you might enjoy:

The Process is a digital comic book. The blog has some stuff in the archives about how he works:

Similar kind of thing by the artist/author of Dinotopia:

Time-lapse painting by Jeremy Enecio - shows the process although very, very quickly. Looks like this guy scans line-work and then works with Photoshop for the rest:

And here's a really basic intro to wacom tablets that talks a little about customizing your tablet for your use. She has some other stuff as well so it might be worth looking around the blog:

child2 said...