Monday, August 06, 2007

Words of Wisdom

The thing about kids - you know, having them and then keeping them around and things - is that conversation becomes rather surreal. I know it's not just my particular kids because I had a dear friend ask me to wait a moment while she hollered "that, young man is a one way door and you know we've had this conversation before, so put down the carrot."

You learn quite quickly not to ask for context when these things come up, so while I know it happened, I'm not entirely sure why Child 2 had to say severely, "YOU are over-stretching my frog!" but it stuck in my mind.

Today was register-for-school day, and we have reached that plateau of bliss where all three Children are attending the very same school which means 1 schedule for holidays etc and 1 bus. Things haven't been this good since Child 1 was unfortunately allowed to graduate from 5th grade. However there is a price. I had to register all of them which meant I trotted down with two of the three clutching two pieces of id per person, copies of shot records and what I was assured (twice) was perfectly adequate Proof Of Residence. Only it wasn't naturally which we discovered after standing in the wrong line for only an hour. Not to worry, if we lumbered home, picked up the piece of Really And For True Proof Of Residence they would be happy to register all Children at once thus saving me another trip out to the school.

You can see it coming, right?

Picked up Child 3 (meaning it was peeled off of its video game and forcibly inserted into its shoes), found original copy of Really And For True Proof Of Residence, went and stood in entirely NEW line for another 1/2 hour only to discover... that our Proof Of Residence is faulty AND they're closing down for the day so we'll have to so-sorry-come-back-tomorrow.

I seriously wanted to lean across the desk and hiss, "lady, you are totally over-stretching my frog." Child 2, I hear you baby.


Anonymous said...

" are totally over-stretching my frog..."

You know, with not too much effort, I think that could catch on.

child 2 said...

we are on day two...and rapidly reaching the frothing at the mouth stage.