Friday, August 03, 2007

Lesson Learned

As I was leaving work the other day I walked behind a woman about my age who appeared to have forgotten her trousers. It was a little strange because her hair was absolutely perfect and her make-up had been done with great care. Maybe she spent so long on her head she just figured - Oh, what the heck I'll throw on this mini-sweater dress and call it done. Or maybe she was about to attend a high school reunion and wanted to make sure everyone would recognize her so she wore her favorite outfit from junior year.

The problem was she had realized too late what a tragic mistake it was, and so as she walked she kept almost-but-not-quite tugging on the hem to try to stretch it down towards her knees. There was a desperate tenseness about her - she might as well have stopped and shouted "yes! Yes, I decided I could get away with wearing a piece of knit maroon whatever that would make a generous tea cozy but is a little on the skimpy side as a piece of clothing." Out of pity I had to look away.

The same day in the bookstore a man sailed past me wearing a bicycle helmet. He wore it with enormous grace and elegance and as he looked around there was an expression of such supreme certainty on his face it seemed utterly right that he should wear that helmet.

Confidence my friends is key.

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