Friday, August 24, 2007

Boring, Possibly Nerdy Post About Workish Stuff

So I've been sat here for at least half an hour trying to do a really good trace of an original Edison style lightbulb. Doesn't that sound exciting? I'll post something possibly more interesting about Child 3's frenulectomy to make up for it later. Maybe.

See, the trouble is someone kind sent me an email asking me what I do (you know, other than writing up blog posts and tormenting Children) and it's hard to answer that without making it sound much cooler than it is. So... this week I have...

...Done tedious and piecemeal updates to some vital but very dull parts of a web site. This has included shining moments like staring firmly at a sheet of paper and thinking "Gee... that looks like a Q, or maybe a 2 but I think they mean Wednesday."

...Reworked several previously locked projects because of last minute but serious changes that meant juggling files between the computer I actually have at work and the one at home that has the vital and obscure fonts I stupidly used (they look pretty good though). At one point this involved expanding the text into vector shapes which is never a comfortable thing to do since you can't then edit the darn text. Much fun was had but so far the edits seem to have been accepted.

...Joined in Happy Fun Department Housekeeping Day necessitated by an upcoming visit from Higher Up the food chain. Boxes were shifted! Ancient but highly sensitive pieces of paper were collected for shredding! Rude comments were thought of and said sotto voce just for fun! And hopefully a delicate balance was achieved between making the department look sleek and highly efficient and somehow conveying that we would quite like a great deal more space and money please and thank you.

... Consulted on marketing for a major program, trying to nail down this year's key theme and looking into the best media and methods for presenting it which has meant mocking up three different central images and writing several tag lines and a bit of copy.

So, when asked what I do I usually say "I'm a web designer" and leave it at that because no one wants to stick around to hear "I do marketing strategy with a heavy helping of web programming and design served up with a side of graphic work. Oh, and if pressed I'll help you take out the trash."

Scuze me now, I have bezier curves to tweak.


mel said...

Hi there, I'm a little new-ish to your blog, but can I just say that you make me laugh? :)

For Kirk said...

Thanks! I officially pink puffy heart you.

Child 1 said...

oh dear, understood most of that entry. theres no hope for me now!

For Kirk said...

Ha! Done you but good. Nothing like geeking up the next generation to make someone really feel like a successful parent!