Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And There Was Much Rejoicing


It only took four days to get the Children registered at their school. Yes, just the four - a dawdle really, a saunter down a sun-dappled lane. With a little screaming and hair rending thrown in for ambiance.

However! They are now registered - every last three of them. Granted, Child 1 had a totally unacceptable schedule, but it has now become a tolerable schedule instead and Child 1 declares itself Well Pleased. Child 2 is missing an entire class because the kindly adviser hemmmed and hawed on day 4 and announced that there were no classes open for Child 2 because Child 2 (silly thing) is insisting on keeping up with its language and said language year II is only taught 5th hour and apparently all other really good classes are also only offered at 5th hour. Child 3 started out with what was nicely called a "temporary" schedule but has been upgraded to a "nearly finalized" schedule with asterisks because it is now in honors math AND honors English and might-be-could-be in honors biology but maybe not. At this point I'm dusting my hands off and calling it all done.

Well, except for the tetanus shots which Children 2 and 3 unexpectedly required (hence one of our fruitless Days Of Registration Fun) and which they will have to receive this afternoon. Rather interesting actually - I was monologuing my way through the next day's Things To Do: and you will have the house key, yes? And also your class schedule? And what do you mean you already lost your combination lock???* And don't forget I'll be calling you out of class so you can get shot. I said the last thing several times as we worked out where they were to come and what time of day it would all happen and I realized that the buzz of talk around us had died down to a rather shocked hush.

Don't worry. I plan on offering them blindfolds.

*ETA: We found the lock. It was on a ceiling fan blade. Placed there "so I could find it."

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