Monday, April 10, 2006

We Breed 'Em Weird in My Home Town

I suppose everyone has to have a hobby, but this guy seems to have chosen an inconvenient one. He's been identified now, and is a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Now, once could be accident, twice looks very like carelessness: Francisco Martin Duran.

Why should I care? Well, I went to school with Frankie Duran who was one of the three most popular kids in the class (Along with James and Nini). I, however, was a glasses wearing, gifted-program attending, violin playing kid who had skipped a grade and was a year younger than everyone else in the class. Frankie informed me daily that I was ugly, fugly really, and I remained convinced of my hideousness for the next 8 years. Yup, I based my self esteem on the opinion of a nine year old who went on to shoot at the outside wall of the White House.

The day the Frankie Duran story hit the news I spent a happy 15 minutes walking in and out of doors because I was not only NOT ugly, I wasn't incarcerated.

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two_dishes said...

Thanks for that post. For some reason, listening to the radio, and my mom here at home for the holidays, I looked up alternative spellings of Pachelbel.