Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Man's Gotta Dream

Guard duty - barracks, Wildflecken, Germany.

Soldier: 'I can't wait until I'm out of here man. I have plans.'

Kirk: 'Yeah?'

Soldier: 'Oh yeah. See, I'm gonna rent a Cadillac. A white one. And I'm gonna get a white suit, and white cowboy boots. All white, right? And sunglasses - like in that Blues Brothers movie, you know?'

Kirk: '... yeah?'

Soldier: 'Yeah. Then I'm going to go to my high school. And I'm going to pull up real slow right when they're gettin' out. And then I'm going to get out.'

Kirk: 'And then?'

Soldier: 'I'm just gonna stand there man, just stand there.'

He is quiet, contemplating the glory of this image. Kirk leans over to me -

'That's amazing. I have exactly the same plan'


'Oh yeah. Only I was thinking orange.'

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