Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Why I Have Children

I have a topic!

I tried to do the lucky frog post yesterday, I really did, but I forgot to steal nick acquire lovingly borrow Child 1's digital camera so I could take a picture of said lucky frog which would make the post basically: I have a frog. It's very lovely. So we call it our lucky frog.

Desperate, I actually considered posting about toilet paper - seriously, I was mentally composing all about whether free end over or free end under really mattered and somewhere deep down there was this terrible sadness that I was already reduced to a toilet paper post (not that toilet paper style is not a deeply meaningful topic mind, just it should be saved for a real emergency, don't you think?)

However! Last night Child 2 came to the rescue and so I give you - the genuine transcript of our family discussion. Added benefit - you may all now be deeply grateful you don't live in our house.

Child 2 (doing dishes): There aren't enough songs about kitchen things.

Me: Such as?

Child 2: Like, "The Soft Side of the Sponge"

Me: Sounds like a hit for Tinkerbell and the Sacreligious Cats* *singing* ooooooh, baby, you sooth me like the soooooft side of the spoooooonge*

Child 2: *Rifs a spectacular and surprisingly musical interlude*

Several minutes pass, conversation moves on. I take a swipe at Child 2's nose.

Me: Sorry, it's just your nose was shiny so I was un-shinying it for you. Or I could buff up your forehead instead!

I lovingly polish Child 2's forehead with my very-nearly-clean sweatshirt cuff.

Child 2, looking me soulfully in the eyes: *sings* Santa Baby, won't you bring me my potato masher toniiiiiiight?

Child 2 claims the full lyrics are available for the interested customer.

*This splendid rock band name was, as described in an earlier comment, dreamt of by Child 1 and has joined our family lore along with Sparkle Princess Fairy Head as the best ever name for just about anything (has been suggested but inexplicably rejected for a stuffed shark and a soccer team. Some people have no vision).

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Anonymous said...

If they aren't making you laugh, what's the point?