Friday, January 11, 2008

Night Off

Last night Child 2 was dragged to the CAP meeting with its siblings. The deed was accomplished like this:

Child 2: 1? Can I read this book that is yours that you are currently reading?

Child 1: No!

Child 2: What about now while you're eating?

Child 1: No! I read while I eat.

Child 2: What about while you're at CAP??

Child 1: ... no. But! If you'll come to CAP with me you can!

Child 2: *thinks* ...okay.

Child 3: *being forced to call their CAP ride to see if there's space in the car* Wait, 2 are you going because you want to, and you're thinking about joining or just so you can read that book?

Child 2: *with great sincerity* Oh! Because I'm thinking about joining! *Child 3 wanders off to make its phone call* Hey 1, can I start reading that book now?

So all three were bundled into a car and whisked away leaving me with an unexpected evening alone. The luxury! The opportunity for decadence! The...

... so naturally I cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the living room, tidied up my bedside table and went to sleep early.

I'm a maniac.


Child 1 said...

Well Child 2 didnt spend any time participating in our activities, but spent a very happy two hours chatting with the Squadron jokester and drawing on the white board.

Child 1 said...

of course now it wants to join.