Monday, January 07, 2008


Sort of umphey (word. true) about writing the last few days. I've half-heartedly started and stalled on several posts only to have Blogger dutifully save them as drafts for me and then act all hurt and appalled when I want to delete them. Yes, Blogger, I really and truly do wish to delete those three posts that all start, "so. Yes, ummmmm." and I'm not even feeling guilty about it.

Posts started but not finished:

Sending the Children back to school (sob! Whine! Complain!)

The very frumpy transvestite I sometimes see on the way to work (if you're going to cross dress, why do it with black socks and Birkenstock sandals? Why??)

De-holidaying the house (whoo yeah that was an exciting post. I had some sort of mild stomach bug and the whole thing was me lying around and feebly asking the Children to do various tedious tasks - which they did, happily and nicely. S'okay, I gave 'em sugar).

So even worse I have now written a post about not posting. And, as I have no shame and also nothin' better up my sleeve, I'm even going to hit "publish post." I haven't even proof-read, that's how bad it is this Monday.

Tomorrow if you're lucky I might tell you about my lucky frog. Yup, just keep on bating that breath.


wheelsonthebus said...

If you are a transvestite, it is best to do it with style.

Anonymous said...

Black Socks Birkenstocks - great name for a musician.

just a little bit... said...

Nothing related to this post. Sorry...

It's just that your link to "Vote for me to get paid to blog for a year" seems to be missing. Does that mean you got all the votes you needed?

I hope so. :-)

For Kirk said...

Wheels - absolutely. And every transvestite I've known personally (okay, so that's a grand total of 2, and I lived in the SF area for three years so I have no excuse) has dressed far, far better than I (and often had more cleavage).

Anonymous - Child 1 can go one better for you. One night it dreamed (literally) what has become our family's default rock-band-name: Tinkerbell and the Sacreligious Cats

Just - Nope! Voting is over (although I got a strange email telling me I still got more votes on the day the voting changed... I assume some of you are in a different time zone! We did really well actually, although not number 1. Thanks to all of you who voted, I really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Tinkerbell and the Sacreligious Cats - that's beautiful. I really hope it's a punk band...

Child 1 said...

Im going to be Tink with an emo fairy suit. well not really but I can think of a few friends who I could con into it.