Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We're not big television watchers. We don't have cable and I've never remembered to see if we get more than the standard five channels (doesn't WB or whatever they are have a broadcast channel these days? Or did I dream that along with the talking moose in my garden...). We do watch Mystery on PBS and often Nature, but that's assuming I remember in time to turn it on, or PBS isn't doing one of their irritating and interminable fundraisers where they take off everything I'm remotely interested it and replace it with Change Your Life Through Finance, Diet and Yoga!! or Lord of the Dance Meets LOLkatz! I'd like to say it's because of solidarity with the writer's strike, or a strong protest against "reality" shows or something but honestly it's because I fell out of the habit at some point.

Movies, however, we do - not in the theater mind, too expensive, too irritating (WHY do people use cell phones in theaters?), too much fuss and bother. I wait until something comes out on DVD, and even then I often wait until it's in the super-knocked-down-unbelievably-cheap section at Target before I'll buy it. But yesterday I made an exception and bought a sight-unseen, even trailer-unseen movie simply on the recommendation of a movie review site I trust (sorry, not linking, too many of you would be unhappy at the very, very naughty words they use. For anyone who doesn't have delicate sensibilities and desperately must know, send me an email but you probably already read it yourself) and, homework being done and Child 1 being unhappily confined to the couch with a nasty cold virus we sat down to watch it.

It was absolutely fantastic - best movie I've seen in ages.

Disclaimer: it is rated PG-13. There is some implied animal sacrifice and there are some moments of (to quote the rating board) "risque humor." But it was funny, charming and absolutely delightful.

Stardust - highly recommend.

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